Application & Procedures

Upon receiving an indication of interest, a member of the Admissions Committee will initiate contact with the family. Parents/guardians will be asked to acknowledge and agree to the North Whidbey Christian High School mission and basis of instruction, including: a promise to maintain a Christian home, membership or participation in a Christian church, an expectation of their children abiding by the rules of conduct established by NWCHS, and a pledge to pay the required tuition and support the NWCHS with prayers and gifts as God prospers.

A registration fee of $100 is required at the time of application. The registration fee is fully refundable should NWCHS be unable to provide the expected services.

Tuition assistance is available. Information regarding assistance and the application forms are available from the Admissions Committee.

Notification of Acceptance
The administration will notify parents regarding acceptance as soon as possible after the appropriate interviews and any required screening. Parents of students accepted for enrollment will meet with the Administrator for a post acceptance interview.

Payment Plan
The full-time student tuition for the school year is $4500 annually or $450 per month for ten months. A part-time student (defined as 50% or less class load) is $2250 annually or $225 per month for ten months. An individual class can be taken for $800 annually or $80 per month for ten months. Tuition costs are subject to change.

You may download the full 2012-2013 Enrollment Request for more information (new and returning students). You may also download the Application for Admission (new students only).