Policy Statement on Washington State Affiliation

This policy statement is intended to clarify the difference between state accreditation and state approval of North Whidbey Christian High School (NWCHS) in the State of Washington.

The purpose of any educational accreditation function is to standardize course content such that state appointed legal agencies and other educational organizations can regulate and enforce standards. Accreditation standards can be issued by the state as well as by many other organizations including Christian Schools International (CSI) and the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS).

Washington State offers non-public schools the opportunity to apply for designation as a state approved school. Approval recognizes a school’s status as a safe environment and affirms that the school meets or exceeds state educational standards for granting course credit. This allows a potential future public school to make a valid assessment of what material a matriculating student has mastered in a non-accredited school and place the student in the appropriate grade level.

The mission of NWCHS is to assist parents in nurturing their children by cultivating a distinctive Christian worldview based on the infallible Word of God. We strive to equip students to discern biblical truth and prepare them to be Christ’s agents of renewal in the world. As a Christian School in the classical tradition, NWCHS rejects state authority in the educational process. NWCHS will not seek Washington State Department of Education accreditation, but is seeking accreditation within a Christian school umbrella organization. While parents are free to determine whether a state accredited educational program is appropriate for their children, the NWCHS Board of Directors wishes to emphasize that nearly all post-secondary institutions have policies and procedures in place to recruit students who do not possess a state accredited high school diploma.

On the other hand, NWCHS recognizes the transient nature of the local population and strongly desires to be a good civic neighbor in this community. In response to our unique community needs, NWCHS will maintain status as an approved state school as a service to our transient families, but with the express reservation that no state educational agency will ever regulate or direct any aspect of this school.